Kia'i Ka'a


Welcome to Kia'i Ka'a - Vehicle Watcher. This application lets you perform bulk vehicle renewals and track traffic violations on your fleet. After you upload / enter the vehicles in your fleet, we will monitor your vehicles for any traffic violations and notify you every week. You will also be able to review vehicles on your fleet that are up for tag renewal, view the safety inspection status and renew multiple vehicles at the click of a button.

Your Subscriber account will be charged $1.00 for every violation reported and $2.00 for each vehicle renewal. Some counties also discount the Beautification Fee at renewal time, eliminating the need to charge you for the full amount and refund the difference.

If you are not a Subscriber yet, please click here for information on obtaining a Subscriber account. If you already have a Subscriber account with us, please proceed by entering your Subscriber login information.

Watch the video below to learn more or read the transcript.

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